I’m in a reflective kind of mood!

February 17, 2012 by admin

Hi all,

Today i’m feeling reflective! Im close to 30 and it’s suddenly hit me that I haven’t achieved many of the things that I thought I would have by now – don’t get me wrong, i’m not sad about this, i’m just a bit taken aback as I thought growing up was a fairly upwards chart; turns out it’s constantly revolving!

When I was 18 I was heavily into my rock music – back then they called me a goth, now it’s emo, either way that was my style and I was proud of it! So, considering I feel like I haven’t moved much further away I have been looking at the clothing I would have worn back then and revamping it for use today! I think it’s called Peter Pan syndrome, whatever that means, for today I can safely say I am still that 18 year old; just with more responsibility!!!

Love n hugs x



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