Feel Good Friday News 24th May 2013

May 24, 2013 by cleverbuttons

Hi All,

I have spent the last few weeks carefully considering the latest shocking news that has affected our style choices, lifestyle choices and how we feel about ourselves – from Abercrombie and Fitch‘s lastest saga through to so many people hating the fact that plus sized models are now donning our high streets. Not exactly positive news. On top of this you then have the everyday news where people are senselessly killed and the economy is not looking so great. So I have decided to take a stand. Fridays will now be devoted too all the good news from around the globe – from fashion, body image, sports, everyday people – anything good that makes us smile and reminds us that there is some happiness out there. At the end of the day a little positivity goes a long way!!!

Todays news goes to Bridal gowns that look effortless and are affordable too – if you don’t need a wedding dress then skip to the end for a cute picture!

Over the last few days American store Target has been the focus of many fashion reviews, the majority have surrounded a new designer shoe line to hit the everyday items store, but they are not just offering shoed, they are also offering wedding dresses. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of picking up my washing up liquid and a wedding dress at the same time! Ok, so some of you may be thinking,’No I still have my sight set on that designer beauty with the price tag to match’. However, if you are planning your wedding on a budget then this is excellent news and the dresses are REALLY cute too.

target does wedding dresses

Available in porcelain white and a classic ivory, each created from a satin style material (I really don’t know the fabric) they look far more expensive and well designed than their $99 price tage – that is about £65!!!! Hopefully this will now set the “target“, see what I did there, for our supermarket clothing brand F&F etc, to start a bridal range! Finally change is happening and it feels great. The dresses in the Tevolio range come in sizes 2-28 which is another reason to smile, I love inclusive fashion. Plus if you are short of bridesmaids dresses then they aso have 10 styles to choose from, ranging from $69 upwards.

I think this is a great idea and I do hope we follow suit as it will make beautiful wedding dresses affordable for all and hopefully stop women getting into debt to afford the dress of their dreams! Happy long weekend to my readers in the UK and the USA, enjoy it and always smile :) Oh and here is the happy picture for this friday!

happy words


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  1. Jen says:

    Some of those dresses are way too plain. I love the price, but for your big day it might be better to get a nicer dress. Or if you go with on of Targets dresses, then you should put a lot of nice jewelry around you.

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