5 Holiday Must Haves I Can’t Live Without

June 18, 2013 by cleverbuttons

Hi All,

I will be on holiday in exactly 2 weeks – can you feel the excitement? So, I have been going through all of my holiday needs and looking for those products that I simply cannot live without when travelling. We all have them don’t we? Whether it’s that pair of shoes you always wear on the plain, you know that ones that are not that fashionable, but are amazingly comfortable. Or even that one bikini that is 5 years old, but just keeps going and going.

I have 5 items that I cannot live without on holiday. Some are practical, some are for beauty, but the majority of them are just for pure fun.  Here is what will be in my suitcase this year and why.

Coco butter (or every description)

Avon coconut spray

I am obsessed with the smell of coconuts, not just in the summer, but all year round. It is a freshness that I just cannot get fro many other perfumes. I have two coconut based products that I am putting under one heading here. The first is Avon Tahitian Holiday Eau de Toilette and the second is Palmers Cocobutter moisturizer. They both smell yummy and are great for making me smile.

Tahitian Holiday is a great spray for when you are lounging on the beach. It has that summer smell that reminds me of holidays past, but it is also long lasting to keep me smelling beautiful all day long. Cocobutter moisturizer, well sunburn is a common issue with me. This is the best after sun moisturizer money can buy! Huge tubs, for little money and soft smooth skin sounds perfect to me.

A Pair of Toms

Lois vuitton toms

Toms have to be the most comfortable shoes to travel in. I love my Louis Vuitton pair that slip on like gloves and are breathable for when it is warm. Not only are they a great choice for the plane, but they are also perfect for wandering round museums, cobbled streets and for day to night looks – I have been known to wear mine with a maxi dress when the sun has gone down.

I like to team mine with denim during travel, boyfriend or Mom jeans are great as they graze the ankles and look relaxed enough to take on the Toms. During the rest of my stay, they are my go to morning breakfast shoes, worn with a gypsy skirt and relaxed tank top.

Sexy Hair, Soy Renewal Beach Spray

Beach hair spray

I have wavy hair and if you remember the episode of Friends where Monica’s hair expands dramatically in the heat then you get the idea of what happens to mine. It can be a nightmare to tame the mane, which is why I always carry a bottle of Soy renewal beach spray with me. Unlike sea salt sprays, this one doesn’t dry out my hair and keeps it nicely moisturized. It gives my waves definition, offering me the chance to look beach perfect all day long.

A great choice for those of us that have dry, thick and curly hair, it may be expensive but it certainly lasts.

A white vest

white vest

I cannot go anywhere on holiday without a handful of white vests in my luggage. They are just so versatile! I tend to use them for layering as I am not body confident enough to wear a see through shirt with just a bra. I team them underneath many a dip hem shirt over skinny jeans or flares. They are also great for nights out. A plain white vest with a gypsy skirt and lots of necklaces is a simply replicated loo for nights are the bar or lounging by the pool. Easy, comfortable and stylish – that’s my kind of fashion.

A small handbag

handmade bag

When I am at home I tend to carry around a huge bag, filled with random delights that  may need during my everyday life. However, when I am on holiday I much prefer a smaller bag that offers enough room for passports, tickets, purse and lipstick – that is it I need nothing else.

My latest find is a hand made leather bag from Don’t Bitch Stitch. It is simply gorgeous! Roomy enough for a book, purse and bottle of water, but also safe enough to be worn across body to avoid any security issues. I chose a beautiful aqua shade to fit in with this years summer pastels and the button detailing is perfect for a bit of arts and crafts – I love it.

What’s in your suitcase this year?

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