1. How To: Cut Wedding Costs

    April 14, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    You will always hear stories in cheap magazines like ‘How I got married on £100’ or ‘How my wedding bankrupted me’ and this will always be the case. You will always have the option to choose a cheaper or more expensive option of what you’re looking at, you just need to be sensible and know what you like. Yes, you might be able to do your entire wedding on £100 but will it really be what you want, do you want paper napkins and starving guests? On the flip side, do you really need that swan ice sculpture in 30 degree August heat? Probably not. Weddings are about compromise, only spend what you can afford and try and save money a little bit at a time in certain areas.

  2. The Ease of Booking Beauty Services Online

    February 13, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    The growth of the internet has revolutionised a wide range of industries, with online services such as shopping, arranging flights and booking hotels making life so much easier for consumers these days. The beauty industry has also tapped into this although to date this has largely come from individual salons creating their own websites. Rock Pamper Scissors is looking to change this by creating a central database of salons that allows customers to use one simple website to find and book appointments.

    beauty online

  3. Lydia:Brighter than ever

    February 3, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    You can take the girl out of Essex, but…

    For a girl whose New Year’s resolution was to have more fun, Lydia Bright is certainly succeeding in her aims. Having seen in 2014 partying on a Thai island, the Essex girl’s Brentford boutique Bella Sorella is similarly hitting the heights.
    Lydia bright

  4. 3rd Birthday Madness

    January 21, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    Hi All,

    As we are fast approaching Clever Little Buttons 3rd birthday it is time to sit back, reflect on an awesome 3 years and get ready for the next 3. On top of this, it is only a few weeks until I turn 30 which just seems to make writing this post all the more special.

    vintage buttons

    Over the years this blog has become more than just a place to express my feelings about fashion and writing, which was the original premise for creating it. Now it is a place where I can discuss with others how we should all learn to love how we look, take pride in our natural beauty and be a platform for young girls across the world to learn that it is OK to be just who you are. I could not be more proud of how this blog has evolved as it could have always stayed as a straight laced fashion blog, never true to myself.

    birthday card

  5. 4 Styles to Keep An Eye On In 2014

    January 16, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    Hi All,

    It is the beginning of the year again, when I make my predictions for the future styles we will have available to us this year. I love this time of year for the pure fact that I can actually make predictions and see if the come true. I know that sounds strange when there is a back catalogue of looks to fall back on from the runways of the world, but I like to come up with my own ideas to. We all know that the fashion weeks are just the starting point, from which the high street will inevitably catch up with at some point.

    vintage fashion model

    So here are 4 suggestions too keep your eyes on this year.