1. Keeping It Neutral: tips for decorating your guest room

    July 23, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    Stick to soft colours – but dare to be different

    For some people the word ‘neutral’ conjures up images of soft, subtle taupe and rich fawn, but others are more likely to associate it with boring beige and the ubiquitous magnolia of rented apartments. A guest room benefits from being painted a gentle colour which won’t give your guests a headache, but feel free to branch out beyond the dreaded beige: try a pale summery blue for a seaside feel, or a warm, soft gold in a south-facing bedroom. Neutral doesn’t have to be dull.


    Furnish for maximum flexibility

    You may not have guests queuing round the block at all times, but you can’t possibly predict who you’ll be entertaining in the future so expect the unexpected. Unless space is a real issue, always opt for a double bed – wooden beds tend to look classy and suit every décor style – and ensure it’s low enough for infirm visitors to get in and out of with ease. Choose bedside lights with obvious switches (no fumbling for a cord before discovering it switches off at the wall) and opt for blinds instead of curtains so your guests can choose how much light they’d like in the morning.


    Sufficient storage – and don’t fill cupboards with your overflow

    As a guest, there are few things more disconcerting than opening a cupboard to hang up a suit and discovering half the host’s wardrobe in there! It’s always tempting to capitalise on the unused storage spots in your home, but take the purpose of the spare room into consideration: it’s a room for visitors to stay in, not a dumping ground for your overflow. Keep wardrobes and bedside cabinets empty – aside from thoughtful additions such as coat hangers and a box of tissues for the bedside cabinet – and limit your spare-room storage to your top cupboards, or a blanket chest at the end of the bed.


    Remember they won’t know the layout

    If your guest comes downstairs and asks you where they can charge their phone, it’s quite possible they’ve already been looking for a plug socket for some time before summoning up the courage to ask. The layout of the rooms in your house will have been established through a mixture of necessity (furniture that can’t be moved, a desk which fits nowhere else in the house) and personal choice (the dressing gown hooks go inside the wardrobe, not on the back of the door), but it’s important to view it through the eyes of a visitor, too. Make it clear where they can store or hang their things, how the blinds work and where they’ll find spare blankets and pillows. Above all, make sure everything is accessible to all: ensure that plug sockets are obviously located, or add extension leads to make sure your guests will spot them.

  2. My New Interior Dream – Furniture and Decor

    by cleverbuttons

    So all, I am moving. There I said it. I have been avoiding this fact for the past few weeks, but I am now very close to the moving date and as each day gets closer I get that little bit more stressed out. Don’t get me wrong I love moving; the excitement and the blank canvas gives me the chance to redesign, but as we all know they can be stressful times as well.

    I have had to consider many points for this move, but the biggest one is that I will need new furniture. Firstly my new home is smaller than my current home….the size of the rooms are smaller but there are more of them in essence. I have also sold a lot of my old furniture as it out with the old and in with the new. So I thought I would share my plans for my new home with you…now I am getting the butterflies of excitement.

    I need some extra storage

    One of my current issues is that I will now have a hallway – I know I am really growing up! It is spacious enough to be utilised and the obvious choice is to use this space for extra storage. I have a vintage coat rack and a beautiful Venetian style mirror, so I am looking for a side board that will work well for storing letters and smaller items, but also remain in keeping with my country/vintage theme.

    furniture side board


  3. Top 5 Things to do This Summer

    July 10, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    When summer arrives it’s time to say hello to hot days, barbecues, vacations, picnics, and so much more. But while there is so much to do during the summer months, along with your busy schedule come those scorching hot days where you don’t feel like doing anything.

    As enticing as lazing around in the sun may be, too much of it can make you feel exhausted. So just what can one do on a lazy day? Let’s explore 5 ways to enjoy a hot summers day while doing nothing.

    Read a book

    books for summer

  4. How to make your summer party memorable

    June 9, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    Summer time is finally here and we’re all looking forward to making the most of the outdoor weather. If you’re ready to fire up the barbecue, why not buck the trend and forgo the traditional apron and ‘barbecue king’ t-shirt in favour of something a little more fun? Themed parties are a great way of livening up a barbecue and can be a real icebreaker for nervous guests – here are few ways to theme your barbecue and make your summer party memorable.

  5. How To: Cut Wedding Costs

    April 14, 2014 by cleverbuttons

    You will always hear stories in cheap magazines like ‘How I got married on £100’ or ‘How my wedding bankrupted me’ and this will always be the case. You will always have the option to choose a cheaper or more expensive option of what you’re looking at, you just need to be sensible and know what you like. Yes, you might be able to do your entire wedding on £100 but will it really be what you want, do you want paper napkins and starving guests? On the flip side, do you really need that swan ice sculpture in 30 degree August heat? Probably not. Weddings are about compromise, only spend what you can afford and try and save money a little bit at a time in certain areas.